I’m Maurice Carlos Ruffin. I’m from America’s lowest city. So, basically, I live in The Sunken Place.

I earned an MFA with distinction from the University of New Orleans’ Creative Writing Workshop way back in 2013. The Workshop awarded my short story collection its Joanna Leake Prize for Fiction Thesis. Later, I wrote more things. Some of them very good. But the best ones were pretty bad.

I’m also an essayist, performer, interviewer, panel moderator, speaker, and literary curator. My novel We Cast A Shadow will be published by One World Random House in 2019. My editor is the brilliant Victory Matsui. One World’s editor-in-chief is Chris Jackson (yeah, that Chris Jackson). 

Literary representation by PJ Mark of Janklow & Nesbit Associates (NY).

Photo by Clare Welsh


One thought on “Maurice

  1. Great to run into you today at the Napoleon House with Chris Rose. I’m so excited to be writing in this town with so many accomplished and supportive writers! Looking forward to being able to read at Pelican Bay with the Gold Room later this fall!

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